HPMHorn load Point Matrix

Very powerful 12 inch Dual Diaphragm Drive triaxial point source loudspeaker with extra headroom for accurate dynamic transient response. Designed for venues where short to medium trow ( 3 ) sound reproduction is required or as near / side fill, delay line in direct acoustical combination with 2425 DIVIDA DDDD or 2824 DELILA DPD.

ARAMIS features HPM (Horn load Point Matrix) technology, The large horn in the center of the 12 inch woofer provides excellent dispersion control starting at 500Hz. The positioning of the large horn provides modulation-free high frequency response even at high output levels, offering more clarity and better dispersion than conventional methods.

ARAMIS features a unique dual absorber and reflex enclosure design that optimizes the acoustic gain of the mechanical construction. The two extra-large tunnel bass reflex outlets are symmetrically placed around the 12-inch woofer, increasing the speaker’s air pressure and bass tuning.

The state-of-the-art control technology uses the most advanced F.I.R. filters, providing standard and wide dispersion settings with absolute phase control. These filters incorporate more than 20 years of development and research experience from one of the first designers ever to use F.I.R. filtering in such a comprehensive way that it affects not only phase, but also dispersion and spatial energy distribution.

The loss less passive crossover network guarantees that all amplifier power reaches the transducers, a substantial benefit for environmental sustainability. With one single 4 Pol cable it is possible to run 4 loudspeakers, while offering an almost error free setup of the system.

Technical Specifications


  • Low Frequency: 12-inch neodymium cone driver; 8 ohm nominal impedance
  • Mid/High Frequency: dual diaphragm neodymium compression drivers, using a 3,5 inch + 1,75 inch coaxial ring configuration; 6 ohm nominal impedance


  • Vertical x Horizontal Coverage: 60° conical

Audio Performance

  • Output @ 1 meter: 137 dB SPL ( 2 )
  • Usable Frequency Range : 53 Hz – 24.2 kHz ( 1 )
  • Free Field Frequency Response -6 dB: 67 Hz – 23.6 kHz
  • Phase Response: 275 Hz – 27.5 kHz typical +/- 3° maximum 30°
  • Sensitivity 1 Watt @ 1 Meter LF: 99 dB (72 Hz – 500 Hz); MF/HF: 116 dB

Power Handling

  • 2400 Watt @ 6 Ohm (800 Watt AES) passive
  • Maximum two Loudspeakers per Channel of a PAX 1604 system amplifier
  • Two Neutrik Speakon NL4 (Passive X-Over 1+/1- Through 2+/2-)


  • 19 Kg, Multi Monitor Shape
  • Durable hex stamped steel grille
  • Baltic birch plywood, black coated
  • size about: (H x W x D in mm) 598 x 333 x 336
  • Top and Bottom mounting plates with M20 insert
  • Bottom (3) and floor monitor (4) rubber feet
  • ( 1 ) with special full-range setting offering 120 dB @ 53 Hz
  • ( 2 ) SPL max peak, test signal: pink noise with a Peak to RMS ratio of 12 dB
  • ( 3 ) long throw = more than 35 m, medium trow = up to 45 m, short throw = maximum 15 m